Ani's Fun filled Arena

Ani's background, leading up to our move to Lombok, has always involved the little ones. Starting off volunteering at a friends Nursery in Abu Dhabi she soon took the plunge of a full time teachers assistant and found her passion in life. After a few years we moved to Fujairah and Ani took things a step further, she had been thinking of the next move for a while and found the place she wanted to volunteer again at Rising Sun Center for Special Needs. While there she helped children with all manner of disabilities. Thinking of how much I've seen her passion for child care come so naturally brings a tear to my eye, you need to see this lady in action! Stories of how she helped some of these children learn new things and how she formed close bonds with them was amazing to see, she literally amazed therapists of many years of experience. Maybe some of her ex bosses and now close friends can throw a few words this way so I can add them in here, you know who you are ;)

We knew that we would be building some sort of learning center for young children but had not planned to do it so early on in our project. Thanks goes again to our consultant Ale who suggested we build it so that our guys always had something to do, basically utilise them to the full. It worked out and during the waiting times on the house we managed to build our awesome little covered 'learning zone'.

Our finished space.

The first visitors.

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