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We're Ani and Dave, and we're on a mission to show you what Lombok has to offer. We've set up home in the South of the island and we're ready to take you on some exploration. Not your typical bloggers, we're up there in the age department, but we know we're as adventurous as the best of them and we think you'll see a whole new world from our perspective. So welcome to our world and let us show you around.

island life


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We're taking you touring.
We'll be giving you destinations and views from all sides of Rinjani to get your What3Words loaded with 'amazing spot' addresses. recitals.rowdiness.sessions
We are completely undecided about going to the summit or rim though, at 3,726m (12,224 ft) we've heard too many tell us it was the hardest thing they've ever done!
Our love of the ocean and beaches will take you on a journey around the coast that will showcase this freaky beautiful place like you've never seen it before.
Let the journey begin ………


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our pad

Can we put the kitchen there?

A half hatched plan in mind, we arrived in March 2021 and hit the ground running. A couple of months later we're glamping on site, a couple of months after that and we're sleeping in the kitchen, and after a total of 6 months we move into our 'guest room' and a proper bed. Every stage of the way was a huge upgrade from the last and although it was hard at times, it's definitely the way to go! Sorry to all the contractors out there that will now have to suffer clients onsite full-time!
We couldn't do the planned blog of the build, no laptop, useless internet and just too damn busy. But you can now check our story of the build from start to finish here.
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our bay

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We were looking for a Beetle, but a Brazilian Bay thought it could turn our heads and get us to adopt it - van life mmmmm………


….. in a Combi, now there's an adventure or two!
A total afterthought, destined maybe, to buy our Bay-be.
I've always been a VDub nut and Ani loves them too, her dream was/is a purple love bug.
Crazy as it was there was a metallic purple Beetle sitting at the side of the road on the way to Mataram, we had to stop and take a look. It was for sale but to cut a long story short, by the time we decided to buy it, it was sold.
Pak Haji the owner and also the local VW mechanic/guru suggested we have look at his friends Brazilian Bay Combi. He sent pics that evening, how could we resist!
Now she has had some TLC on her running gear it's time to mod her up for some road trips! She's a real blank canvas, it's going to be fun and you can check out her new start in life in the blog.

As we've said before …… let the journey begin.

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