Blog should be called Plonking not Building

The truck with the 20' on it reversed into place so that its crane could be used to help lift the 40' and plonk it on its footings. Once the 40' was down, the 20' was plonked too, but at an angle so that the truck could turn around and come back in forward, it had to have the crane over the cab to be able to spin it too the correct angle. Shame that the truck got stuck on the uphill turn for nearly 24 hours and we had to wait until the next day for the spin and plonk.

Ready to lift the big boy.

Lifting the 20' to place before the truck turns around :/

20' on the ground, truck stuck for 24 hours! The reverse warning was an epic recording, every time he wanted to reverse, an Indonesian kids voice says 'Warning warning rich guy wants to reverse' incessantly for 24 hrs soooooo funny …… for us ;) Now every time I reverse around here someone will start shouting ….

Finally the next day we're all where we should be …. Wooo hoooo!

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