Excavators, grab 'em while you can

Mobilisation of an excavator, the cost of getting it to the job, can be as much as the usage costs especially if its only for a few hours. So when one shows up in the area and offers a good flat hourly rate most of the villagers go for it. Three days, ten rice paddies, a new track to the next village house plot, our fish pond dug, our access tidied up and shit loads of rocks moved around! :)

…… and some projects happening on the side lines.

The PIT …….. because Dave doesn't like lying in the dirt fixing cars.

Rocks collected by hand around the plot, the local lads and us. The car park completely covered in two layers over two days! That's Ani carrying some drifwood :)

Dave gets creative, a work in progress.

The fish pond.

Scaffolding coming down, wooooo hoooo

And its down! HOW EPIC IS THAT!!

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