The whole process so far had been go with the flow, designs and ideas shooting backwards and forwards between us and Alejandro our contractor. Without Alejandro the process would have been a nightmare, his local knowledge, experience in project management, his creativeness and general eagerness could not have helped us more. Our first ideas cumulated in an excavated road in, and two pads, one at each end of the plot. Our place up near the 'stream' and the 20' on the bottom pad for temporary accommodation for us, this to be repurposed into a 'rental' later. The 40' would be our kitchen/workshop with an earth bag guest room and our earth bag bedroom across the stream. A few weeks in and Alejandro suggested the 20' be the guest room and an earth bag rental would market itself easier. True huh! What our plan needed now was roofs and landscaping, a design and 3D rendition followed very quickly, and we had something to work on. Round roofs changed to hang gliders and the rest is history :)

Check this out ………. Concept Design PDF

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